Round breast implants BellaGel


- This shape is the most popular worldwide.

- It creates a natural shape when the person is standing or laying down.

- It is suitable for breast reconstuction and augmentation.

- BellaGel offers wide range of 146 kinds round implants, the size varies from 120 to 560 cc.

- Depending on the surface of the shell, the round implants are divided into 2 types - smooth and textured. According to their projection, there are 4 types of profiles available - low, medium, high and ultra high.



Teardrop breast implants BellaGel


- The teardrop (anatomical) implants provide more natural and well-proportioned appearance with oval shape in front and more volume at the bottom.

- Strong cohesive silicone gel ensures a constant anatomical shape.

- The orientation signs of indication help for easy and precise positioning during the operation.

- BellaGel offers 49 types of anatomical implants, the size varies from 145 to 525 cc.

- Available only with textured surface.

- The anatomical implants with moderate height are 3 types of profile available - low, medium and high. The anatomical implants with tall height are 2 types of profile available - medium and high.



All raw materials used in BellaGel are approved by US FDA.

BellaGel has the World’s thinnest, strongest, most resilient and finest shell.It has 6 layers for textured type and 5 layers for smooth type.

BellaGel has the World’s strongest barrier layer which prevents the leakage of gel and significantly reduces the risk of rupture and capsular contracture.

The surface of BellaGel has irregular texturing with bigger pores. The breast tissue joins quickly and securely to the pores of the implant to reduce significantly the risk of capsular contracture.

Due to the high cohesive technology BellaGel implants have a so called “memory” which means that even after being squashed or manipulated the implants revert to their original shape. The implant cuts in half doesn’t change its shape.

BellaGel has the World’s lowest platinum emission rate.

BellaGel has passed more than 20 types of physical and chemical tests which exceed the standards of EC and USA regulation. The implants are compressed to 80% of size 2 million times (3 times per second, 24 hours a day, for a week), they resisting compression is over 250 kg. The tests show definitely the World’s best indications compared to the thickness of the shell: Tensile Force – 21.7 N, Tensile Strength – 7.46 Mpa, Elongation – 627 %, thickness of the barrier layer - 122 μm.

BellaGel Premium Warranty Program offers lifetime replacement without any charge.