BellaGel silicone breast implants use high-quality medical silicone from Applied Silicone Corp., approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). 


  •  Highly biocompatible: minimal tissue reaction
  •  Water-repellent
  •  Stable at high temperature
  •  It is not degraded by body tissues and fluids
  •  It is not degraded by oxygen, ozone or ultraviolet rays
  •  Non-carcinogenic 

 BellaGel receives CE certificate for the European market in 2008.



High cohesive gel


The gel in a BellaGel silicone implant has "memory", which means that even after being squashed or manipulated it reverts to the original shape.

The implant cut in half doesn’t change its shape. There is no leakage of gel.

The revolutionary patch connects the components of the implant with the same strength, eliminating any volume loss.

Strong 6-layers shell


The implant' shell has the ability to stretch and bring back quickly. The shell is realy strong even under high preasure. The textured implant has 6 barrier layers, the smooth one has 5 barrier layers.



- BellaGel silicone breast implants have passed over 20 types of physical and chemical tests to verify their safe.

- They are compressed to 80% of the size 2 million times (3 times per second, 24 hours a day, for one week).

- Clinical trials show that its safety exceeds EU and US standards.

- All implants are extremely tested for resistance and strength. They keep original shape even pressed by 500 kg.